* The privacy policy of English version follows Japanese.

株式会社カイプロ(以下、「当社」といいます。)は、当社における個人情報の取得、利用、開示について、次のとおりプライバシー・ポリシー(以下、「本ポリシー」とします。)を定め、タイの個人情報保護法(Personal Data Protection Act、以下、「PDPA」とします。)を遵守します。







  • 契約に基づく顧問業務、コンサルティング業務、その他の業務:


  • 同意の上での契約意向の確認、役務提供内容の説明、その他の営業活動:


  • 同意の上でのニュースレター、セミナー情報、セミナー資料等の送付:






  • 第三者への提供


  • 開示にかかる監督と事前同意


  • タイ国外への移転













西川 和輝






Kaipro Co., Ltd. (the “Company”) have provided the privacy policy (the “Policy”) regarding the acquisition, use and disclosure of personal data at The Company. And The Company shall comply with the Personal Data Protection Act of Thailand (the “PDPA”) as follows:


All personal data to be received/collected in connection with a communication, inquiry, request and so forth to The Company shall be managed in accordance with this Policy.

Personal data to be covered and the management thereof

The Company may receive information that may identify an individual, including but not limited to an individual’s name, a company’s name, phone number, email address. The Company shall apply strict security measures to protect all personal data from loss, alternation, and leakage, and manage it within a safe environment. The Company shall also develop and implement an effective education plan for employees handling personal data.

Purposes to receive personal data

The Company shall use the personal data for the following purposes.:

  • Advisory services, consulting services and other services based on contract(s).:

Individual’s name, a company’s name, phone number, email address, etc.

  • Confirming intention of reaching a contract, explanation of services and other sales operations based on agreement.:

Individual’s name, a company’s name, phone number, email address, etc.

  • Sending newsletters, seminar information and seminar materials, etc. based on agreement.:

Individual’s name, a company’s name, email address, etc.

The Company shall receive, use and/or disclose the personal data solely for the purposes previously notified to you, unless permitted otherwise under the law.

Retention period of personal data

Personal data received by The Company will be retained by The Company for the period not over five (5) years from the completion of services, as long as it is necessary for any of the above purposes, and so required by the laws.

Disclosure of personal data

  • Providing to a third party

In order to fulfill obligation under a contract(s) and an agreement(s), The Company may provide personal data to a business alliance partner(s).

  • Supervision and prior consent upon disclosure

The Company shall supervise the persons who receive the personal data to ensure that they apply measures to secure personal data in confidence and not use the personal data for any other purposes. Also, in order to disclose the personal data for any other purpose than the above, The Company shall give a notice to the data’s subject and obtain prior consent.

  • Transfer outside Thailand

Since The company is located in Japan, The Company manage collected personal data in Japan.

Your rights

You, as a Data Subject, have the following rights with respect to your personal data based on legal basis applied for the collection of your personal data.

・ The right to access your personal data

・ The right to obtain copies of your personal data

・ The right to request deletion or suspension of use of your personal data

・ The right to modify your personal data

・ The right to revoke your consent in relation to personal data provided to us

・ The right to be notified if personal data is at risk


Any questions regarding handling of the personal data by The Company may be communicated to:

Kaipro Co., Ltd.

Kazuki Nishikawa

Address: 46-6, Nakajuku, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo 173-0005 Japan

How to contact: Contact form of the web site of The Company

Modification and revision

The Company may modify or revise this Policy as needed, and such shall be notified on the website accordingly.

June 1, 2022